Day 176: context

Goals for today:

  1. Figure out why excel is suddenly retarded.
  2. Geocode 2487502945879 meter addresses, many of which are just street names. They are split into 8 excel tabs, two excel workbooks, and are all to be geocoded separately.

At 830 I figured out what’s wrong with excel. In yesterday’s post, you notice the text is trying to eat itself:

That’s not a c next to the s, it’s part of the d.

Well, it turns out there’s a simple solution… And it’s not overwriting. If you right click and check the formatting, it appears to be related to the text direction. It was set to ‘context’ when it should be set to ‘left-to-right’.


Problem solved. Great way to mess with your pesky coworkers though.

But it wouldn’t be GIS if there weren’t a new problem to deal with every 5 minutes, sending you farther and farther backward in your attempt to find an answer.

Does anyone actually understand these errors?

But then I learned a new trick with Excel. Finding the cells guilty of emptiness is simple with the Go To Special feature under Find and Select. Choose blanks and you can fill those nihilistic values with your heart’s desires.

Give your cells meaning.

And now we wait…

Can I go home now




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