Lost Connections

Sometimes connecting is hard.

Lost connection with license server for ArcGIS? Hello, rabbit hole, here we go again.

But before I could lean back into the blissful escape of my downward spiral, the humans called upon me with requests.

8:35am: Making a Fire Hydrant App for Co-Human

For about a week now I have been floating in the limbo between having awkwardly accepted a request by a coworker A to do work for (higher-up) coworker B that coworker A would later take credit for, and having to do work for my actual supervisor. Coworker A wants to “do the project with me,” but I am a bad team player and group work really salts my snail. I also realize that this is not really a group project, but I’m getting the feeling this is all an excuse for him to learn how these apps are made so he can more effectively take credit for my work. He was, after all, invited to attend a meeting about the app despite my clear agreement before both parties to make the damn thing. Or maybe I’m just a cynical curmudgeon and he just actually wants to learn. Who cares.


  1. Teamwork.
  2. Fire hydrant layer has too many features to load well (20,806). My GISITW comrade suggests splitting the hydrants into smaller groups. A neat idea.
  3. Not ENTIRELY clear on expectations/needs of client.
  4. This goddamn hydrant layer is agitating my trypophobia.
If you have trypophobia, do not Google trypophobia.

Annnd now I can no longer look at this page. Guess that means we’re done here… Oh wait, HEAT MAPS!



Who knew fire hydrants could be so hot.

Aaaahhhhhh that’s better.